"Just wanted to congratulate you on what looks like a very sophisticated and informative website. I look forward to referring to it as a clean source of information about the economy as opposed to the often times misinforming information delivered by the media". -DM

"I am just writing to say a Big Thank You for your contribution at the NCBA meeting last week. I heard a lot of good comments about your presentation. I love your site! I look forward to hearing and seeing you. THANK YOU!" -RR

"Lew, I watched your videos with great interest. You have a friendly, engaging style at the podium." -DO

"I took your Financial Markets and Institutions class in Fall 2006 during my third year of law school and have since realized you accurately predicted most of what’s happened in our economy the past few years (particularly the bursting of the housing bubble)." –CD

"Thanks for such a "hot" presentation tonight! I don’t think I have ever seen so many stay so late beyond our 9:00 scheduled time of ending." –OM

"I want to thank you again for the impact you’ve had on me as a professional as well as an individual trying to better understand the thought processes and motivations of financial and political leaders that guide our world today". -JC

"You Da Man!!!! Great Website!!! Great Summer Programs!!! … enjoyed your "Why Economists Missed the Biggest Economic and Financial Disintegration since the Depression" series this past summer. Loaded with information, humor, drama, and suspense… one hell of a teaching style and delivery. Where were profs like you when I was at UT in the 60’s???? Keep up the good work!!! Looking forward to future presentations this Fall/Winter. Kudos!"

"Lew, This is an amazing video series." -DC

"I very much enjoyed your class and believe that you have an excellent insight on the market. I have watched nearly all of your videos … I think you provide an unbiased viewpoint on the market that is not seen on CNBC, the WSJ, nor from the sell-side research firms on Wall St." -RL

"I recently had the opportunity to watch the video of your McCombs Alumni Lecture on the macro-economy and capital markets. Your presentation was first rate. Your explanation of the critical issues facing the domestic as well as the global economy was particularly excellent. Your discussion of the multiple complex issues was not only technically correct, but presented in a highly understandable way. The quality and breadth of questions tells me that your audience was closely attuned to your talk. Also, you spoke in pleasing and non-intimidating style that enhanced the overall quality of your lecture." -LH, Ph. D

"Lew, this is excellent! The information is great and the look and feel of the email and how it flows into the website is fantastic. Someone has done a lot of really good work. I appreciate being included as a recipient. Thank you." -JK

"I love the website and since getting the e-mail yesterday have been unable to stop reading/watching. I forgot how much I missed everything in that world". –SP

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