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Is the Cyprus Bank Fiasco the Template for the Future?


We are living in profound times. The Great Recession, followed by epic levels of deficit spending sustained by monetary policy, is now having short-term remedial effects on the U.S. economy. But before we declare victory, we need to be clear … Continue reading

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The Now Generation Government Has Failed the Marshmallow Test: Making Sense of the Fiscal Cliff Outcome


Over the past five years, the government has applied the usual demand-side remedies in the epic battle against The Great Recession. The graph shows the time profile of past recessions and recoveries as compared to the Great one that we … Continue reading

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Roadblocks to Recovery an Interview with Dr. Lacy Hunt


The extent and implication of the U. S. debt overload. Neither monetary nor fiscal policy can solve the debt problem nor the profound side effects of excess debt. Download .pdf Welling at Weeden Interview

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The Anatomy of a Financial Meltdown


The Euro debt situation continues to deteriorate and the U.S. is not far behind. All the distress that is now focused on government debt comes from excessive private indebtedness as developed world countries seek to support the private sector. This … Continue reading

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The Morass of Debt


Interview with Dr. Lacy Hunt on the pervasive effects of accumulated debt on the economy and financial market pricing.  

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