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Regulation, Gravity and The “Isms”: The Education of a President


This week, President Obama unveiled his proposals to enhance economic growth, create quality jobs, and create fairness in income distribution an approach he calls growing from the “middle out.” His plans call for income redistribution under the guise of income “fairness” that might reduce differences in income but at a cost of lower income for all. These lessons of the “isms” were learned centuries ago and relearned after the Great Depression but seemly must be relearned again. This will be an expensive education of a President. Continue reading

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The Knockout Punch: Has America Turned to Socialism?


In the days following the election there was a numbing silence. It was as if the body politic was dazed by a heavyweight champion’s blow to the head. It staggered and sought clarity to understand what’s to become of our … Continue reading

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