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A Tiger by the Tail: The Fed and QE3

Federal Reserve metaphors of tapering, exit and de-acceleration are but face saving diversions in the dialogue from the hard fact that this is a requiem not just for QE3 but also a requiem for the idea that the Fed is able to generate further lending and spending. In this new global financing world, stimulus from money had moved to the Shadow Banking System which has reached its upper limit not despite QE3 but because of it. Continue reading

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QEs, Currency Wars, the Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin and the Route to “Modern” Inflation

Currency Wars

A government faced with financing its deficits in quantities some multiple of private saving must resort to monetary schemes in order to keep its promises to spend. Monetary schemes are essentially costless ways to pay the government’s bills today while … Continue reading

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Ben Bernanke and the Implications of The Great Monetary Hail Mary


These are epic times in the developed world’s attempt to deal with the implications of government and consumer over-indebtedness. A general unshakable malaise has set in due to sluggish spending and a deleveraging banking sector, and as a result, employment … Continue reading

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The Stock Market, QE3 and Voodoo Finance


As we look across the economic landscape there is an abundance of reason to anticipate a global economic slowdown. It is already well in the works as reflected in anticipatory data. It would not be a garden-variety recession emanating from … Continue reading

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