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Economic Direction as Seen Below the Radar

The economy has been in a growth rut for six years with one large shock after another. But there is also a cyclical component to GDP growth that lives a life of its own and can drive an economy. The very low levels of plant and equipment spending since the tech boom of the 1990s leaves the US with aging physical plant and rising labor costs. This should stimulate business capital investment and keep the cyclical ball rolling but at reduced profit margins and a tinge of inflationary pressure. Continue reading

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The Stock Market, QE3 and Voodoo Finance


As we look across the economic landscape there is an abundance of reason to anticipate a global economic slowdown. It is already well in the works as reflected in anticipatory data. It would not be a garden-variety recession emanating from … Continue reading

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VIDEO – Texas Financial Market Roundtable 2012


The economic, financial and public policy issues associated with debt overload and bank runs is discussed by Dave Rosenberg, John Mauldin and Rich Yamarone. Professor Lew Spellman of the McCombs School of Business moderates.   If you enjoy this blog, … Continue reading

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The Financial and Economic Morass – What is Needed for a Recovery and How Long Will it Take?


The Cost Of Government Action In The Economic Meltdown Capital Regulation Negative Growth and Deflation Gifts From Abroad Or The Federal Reserve The Market Reigns In Governments The Expensive Way to Bail Out Conclusion – Who Pays the Bill

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The Great Recession


The Elements of the Perfect Storm The Great Recession: Why the Great Recession is Different The Great Recession: Ineffective Fiscal and Monetary Policy in the Great Recession and Fed Exit The Great Recession: The Carry Trade and Asset Bubbles The … Continue reading

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